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Entrance Permit and Civic Address Application

For an Entrance Permit on County roads contact the County of Renfrew at 613-732-4353.

For an Entrance Permit on MTO highways contact the Ministry of Transportation at 613-332-3220.

Private roads do not require an Entrance Permit.

Are you applying for an Entrance Permit, Civic Address & Sign, Remote/Water Access Civic Address & Sign, Entrance Permit & Civic Address & Sign, or a Replacement Sign?
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On Township Roads - entrance - Please ensure the entrance to your property is clearly marked on both sides. Allow for the possibility of a 9m (30 foot) culvert. The Public Works Department will determine if anything is required in the way of constructing your entrance (e.g. culvert,ditching, sightlines)

On All Roads - civic number - The Public Works Department will calculate the civic address, which is a mathematical formula using the actual measurement from the nearest existing civic address to your entrance. When your civic address number has been calculated, you will be notified of the number.

The green sign and post are ordered from the County of Renfrew sign shop and then installed by our Public Works Department.

Replacement signs and Remote/Water Access Signs are not installed by our Public Works Department.

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